Lynx Rugby League is the first official team of the USA Women's Rugby League. Its responsibility is to offer players the opportunity to learn the  game whilst enjoying the thrills of travel. Rugby League is a game played in many countries throughout the world and as a member of the Lynx Rugby League family, you will have the opportunity to travel and play in areas such as Hawaii.


In August 2020, the first planned trip is to the island of Oahu to learn and play in one of the most beautiful places on earth. One of the greatest things about the Lynx Rugby League family is that it is an inclusive culture where family members can also travel and essentially go on a holiday as well. 

We look at this team as a way forward and to assist in the development of the game across many communities. Its a great initiative to be able to play a great sport, take in some of the finest locations and experience some of the authentic cultures that this sport can take us.

We will continually add further teams to our group so there will be no restrictions on where we travel to.


So what are you waiting for??? Come and be a part of the family......

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Hawaii is well known for its beautiful beaches, exquisite cocktails and probably one of the most tranquil places on Earth. But in 2020, it will play host to the birth of Rugby League for Women in the USA.


Between the 6th and 10th of August, the USA Women's Rugby League Coaching staff will join Lynx Rugby League in conducting a Skills and & Development Combine. This 2 day event, being held on the North Shore of Oahu, will also include a small 9s tournament for all attendees. 


Not only will players get to learn from experienced coaches on the skills and laws of Rugby League, but they will also be under the watchful eye of National Head Coach - Garen Casey as he prepares for 2 upcoming matches in Jamaica with the USA Hawks National Women's Team in November, 2020. So not only can you learn the game, but if you spark the interest and have the skills, you could find yourself being added to the squad for potential selection in November.


In addition to the opportunity to stake your claim for the National Squad, we will also be running a Junior Development Camp for those wanting to learn the game and generally get involved with one of the fastest growing sports in the world for females. The popularity of the sport is on the back of the National Rugby League competition in Australia that currently is semi-professional and continues to grow. In coming seasons, more and more International players will be playing in that competition and that could be you!


This annual event will be known as the USA Talent ID Camp where NRL Scouts from Australia will be present to observe the players abilities and potentially could invite some to be a part of the Australian competition through scholarships and/ or potential contracts. 


We are currently working through all the relevant details and will release these to everybody as soon as possible, but if you think you have what it takes to be a USA Hawk and want an opportunity to get noticed, this Combine is the one you need to be at........plus, what better excuse to be in Hawaii, right!

So, click on the links provided and register your details on the online form. No experience is necessary to be at the event, but we do require each player to have their own personal insurances.


Upon registering your interest, you will be contacted with further information. Social events will also be organized and all events are completely open so feel free to bring your family along on your 'working' holiday. 


What: Learn & Play Rugby League

Where: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

When: 6th to 10th August, 2020


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