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Interested in the hosting the USA coaches for a regional training day so that your team/area can learn how to play league?

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Playoff Picture Very Clear

Where’s your team coming into the final weekend?

With only one week to go the finals series is all but locked in.  All four home locations are known with the only question being who will take the 3rd and 4th seed in the North.  

North Playoff Picture Coming into Focus

The season is half way over and almost all seats in the North are wide open.  In what has been one of the tightest seasons to date all teams can make the playoffs.

What is Rugby League?

Rugby League is a highly entertaining game that is played along similar guidelines to Rugby, with a few notable differences. There are far less stoppages in League as the scrums are uncontested and line outs simply don't exist. This all means that Rugby League is an open and entertaining game  in both forms  (9's and 13's).

Thanks to former Australian professional player Garen Casey, the opportunity to introduce the game has come as a result of the popularity for Women in Australia and around the world developing at such a fast rate that he had to jump in and give it the chance to develop.


With Rugby being a popular game in the US, many players have the skills and dedication to make representative teams, but due to the number of girls playing Rugby, some great athletic talent never gets witnessed. That is another reason why Rugby League will be a fantastic opportunity for players to be given the opportunity to showcase their skills on both a domestic and International level. 


Rugby League Opportunity

In 2021, the USA will contest its very first International competition for Women's Rugby League. Whilst the game has been played by the men for many years here on the East and West coasts of the US, there hasn't been an opportunity to be involved in one of the largest and fastest growing sports for females of all ages. 

In November 2020, the East Coast vs West Coast women's rugby league development teams will travel to Austin, Texas to play in what will be their very first regional match. With most women in the US being new to rugby league there is a high interest in the sport developing in the American regions.


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